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the republican base. in the second game changing moment came along and president obama decided to nap through his first debate in denver. after that event the democrats saw a similar drop in the polls. they saw across the board, not just president obama but also senate candidates, house candidates. their numbers dropped, sort of a heart sickening fad for both sides. so a late moment, some kind of game changing moment like that can have a serious impact. still however because we had two of them right back to back, i think this will even out in the end, but romney was at its lowest moment after that 47% videogame out. and obama was at his lowest moment after that debate in denver. >> host: what about the storm? this is the "washington times" from yesterday. game changers, five things to watch in the last week of his presidential campaign, and they put sandy s. number one. >> guest: i think that's a good point. i think there is a big risk when any kind of storm brews, and almost anywhere in the country. american history is replete with mayors and governors who handle snowstorms badly and losing reel
to get things done. you know, elections have consequences. 60% of hoosiers polled reject president obama, and mr. donnelly supports him. we have two-thirds of hoosier who say we're on the wrong track. mr. donnelly wants that to continue for another four years. we have overwhelming, overwhelming numbering showing hoosiers disagree with obama care, and even after he said he was not going to support it, he caved in, fell to partisanship, and he did. that's not good. you know, i've been attacked on two fronts. number one, yes, because i stand up for principles. those two, specifically, standing up for the rule of law, oath of office, respect for pensioners, retired teachers, and cops. i stand for the principles. sadly, if mr. donnelly stood for his, we couldn't have obamacare today. it wouldn't be an issue. he says he's dick lugar like. you know, senator lugar and i were rivals, to have the privilege to stands at the pod -- podium, by we stand united here. harry reid can want continue will be the majority leer. still, mr. donnelly still can't say if he will support hymn. if you don't know wh
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2